Chef’s Special Menu

And There Are Some Things That Are Simply SPECIAL!


Our Off-The-Menu “Chef’s Special” Food Is For Foodies Craving For Something Special & Unique…


Grilled Platter: Grilled Veggies Like Potatoes, Tomatoes, Capsicum With Paneer, Onion & Our Exotic Sauces. For An Evening’s Tasty Treat.

Grilled Platter SMS

Crunchies: A Healthy Alternate For “Fries”. Crispy Baked Slices Of Bun Toast With A Variety Of Flavours Like Mustard Garlic, Achaari, Tangy, Spicy & Cheese.


Health Bowls: A Healthy Treat By SMS Food Station Which Has A Bowl Of Protein Roughage Rich Salad, Soup & A Portion Of Crunchies. Forget Gyms Order A Health Bowl.


Brewed Coffee: A Special Treat For Real Coffee Lovers. A Fresh Brew Of 100% Coffee For That Extra Refreshment For The Day.

SMS Food Station

Wheat Pancake: Soft Hot & Fresh Pancakes Made With Whole Wheat Flour With Light Sweetness On The Tongue. A Delicacy That Cannot Be Missed. Available In Combos Of Lemon Honey, Chocolate, Cream & Cherry & Plain Vanilla Cream.


Cookies & Donut Cake: SMS Fresh Moist Cake With The Richness Of Fresh Cookies & Donut. A Royal Treat For Your Special Parties. Available In Butterscotch & Chocolate Varieties.


Golgappe: Yes, A Healthy Combo Of Poories With A Twist. Available In Aalu Chutney, Sprouts, Salad Filling With Or Without Fresh Sweet Curd. Eat Chaat Guilt-Free.


Chennai Podi Idli: An Authentic Gift From Southern India Brought To Talegaon By SMS Chefs. A Bite Will Take You To Delicious Places You Would Never Want To Come Back From.


Cake Shake: Got A Sweet Tooth? Want To Fill Your Tummy With Some Sweetness? Introducing The Heavy Duty – CAKE SHAKE; Filled With Goodness Of Cakes & Vanilla, A Heavy Drink For Those You Prefer A Sweet Meal.



Waffles: Crispy & Heavenly Light Sweet Delicacy Topped With Chocolate Sauce Or Honey Lemon Or Fresh Cream & Cherries. Introduced By SMS Food Station To Talegaon Dabhade On 20th May 2017, Waffles Have Quickly Made It To The Most Preferred Food List Of The Town.

sms menu (58)

Visit Us & Satisfy Your Special Cravings!

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