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Do You Serve Only Junk Food?

As a Cafe (Not Coffee Shop…Duh…) every owner-cum-chef-cum-food lover tries to surprise their visitors with tasty healthy food that has a bulk of their own uniqueness. No we do not want to show-off we just want you to feel good & remember that if you want something healthy & unique its at the Cafe nearby. A glimpse of creating such passionate recipes can be seen in our eyes if you look carefully with compassion.

A simple recipe for example Cup Cakes, Baked Donuts, Burgers, Pizzas Or Even A Regular Cappuccino takes an ample amount of research, experiments & failures if it is to be made healthy & unique. Cup cakes served at our Cafe are made of whole Wheat (Atta), are perfectly moist, beautifully glazing, deliciously tempting yet has just 3 drops of oil (Or Approx 3 ml)! Hardly do people know it took us dozens of failed attempts, weight gain, weight loss & not to mention the cost to get to perfect it to a point where its not just tempting but is also healthy. One Cup cake served at our Cafe gives you the right amount of carbohydrate, roughage, fat & vital nutrients and takes care you enjoy it without worrying about dis-balancing your diet. Yes, you bite you relish the taste you enjoy the texture you gain vital nutrients and at the same time you digest it, without a hiccup – That’s how caring this Cup Cake IS!


Wheat Cup Cakes

“Hi! Do you serve only junk food or you have some healthy options too? I am on a strict diet”…

This routine of experiments, failures, birth of a healthy recipe continues with every recipe that a Cafe owner undergoes for months/years to finally get it to the stature of a healthy food that can be served to food lovers (Foodies is the term in fashion). And then finally a day arrives when you are ready with all your recipes, standing proud at the entrance of you Cafe to invite people to serve them your healthy-tasty-unique food and BANG comes the question from a budding doctor…”Hi! Do you serve only junk food or you have some healthy options too? I am on a strict diet”…

“O Dear Child! Manners Maketh A Man” & Education too…

Junk is what you just had for your evening snack (Pani Puri & Bhel), Junk is what you had for your breakfast (Misal Pav & Vada Pav), Junk is what doesn’t think about giving you nutrition, Junk is what loves the money in your pocket and wants to take a deep dive into your stomach and plans to spend a vacation in your liver & kidneys, Junk is what forced you to go on a diet in first place, Junk is what your Grandmother warned you about, Junk is what is sitting tight those bulging tummies you see around!

So, next time you want healthy food look for a Cafe & ask them “What’s Your Special For People Like Me?” Not if they serve “Junk”. A Pani Puriwala will not accept that he is serving Junk, but a Cafe Owner-Cum-Chef would definitely be heart broken.

For those who want to know why we call it “Healthy”:


  • Buns Breads & Pizzas that we bake have NO ADDED GLUTEN. Yes, we do not approve that as healthy. Natural gluten which is formed during the kneading process is completely cooked in the baking process & is enough to give the texture a good bread should have ideally. Extra gluten (Refer the dotted ingredients box on your bread packet, you are eating healthy bread if you don’t see the word “gluten”) that is added to make a bread or bun softer and fluffier usually doesn’t bake completely and gets stuck to the food pipe causing unwanted acidity & gas.
  • Any bread item (Burger, Pizza, Sandwich Or Megawich) is accompanied with vegetables – Tomato, Onion, Cabbage, Cucumber, Carrots, Green Peas. This helps the bread to travel to your stomach without sticking around even if you do not chew it completely. Tangy sauce that’s used in our burgers includes fennel seeds, Asafoetida & Fenugreek seeds that are known to assist good digestion. So do not leave out the veggies next time you munch on that Aalu Paneer Burger.
  • Chocolate Sauce, Tangy Sauce, Butterscotch Sauce & Schezuan Sauce are made using least possible oil, with digestion regulating additives, real butter & not margarine & only Soyabean Oil is used for its high nutritional value.
  • Yes, we do use Maida (All Purpose Flour/Wheat Flour) for our breads, buns & bases but if you have read and understood the first and second point you would understand that Maida is not always the “Bad Guy”.
  • Why drink a beverage with food? Because you also need ample amount of fluid to perfectly digest your food. A balanced diet consists of a lot of fluids and those aware of a diet plan would know.
  • Waffles – These are gluten free, yes GLUTEN FREE! Crispy outside, soft inside yet contains NO GLUTEN (Added or Natural). If you are on a diet this is one of the healthiest options you can get anywhere in the world! Are you aware?
  • Megawich – This is a Mega sized bread log with a salad filling, yes Salad that compliments the bread holding it. Fresh chopped tomatoes, onions, cucumber with corn, green peas, tangy sauce & mayonnaise. Is it not healthy enough for you?

P.S.: Dictionary meaning of Junk – “old or discarded articles that are considered useless or of little value. Synonym: Garbage”.

Healthy Fusion Lunch

SMS FSHM Offers A Unique Fusion Of Health & Taste For Your Lunch. Veggies That Go Into Making Your Meal Care For Your Health & Our Assorted Flavours Make The Fusion An Awesome Experience. Our Quick Select-able Filler Combos Ensure You Get The Complete Nutrition & Tasty Experience.

A Glimpse Of Our Healthy Fusion Lunch

*Flavour Changes Everyday, Call To Inquire Today’s Special Or Just Drop In & Surprise Your Taste Buds

*You Could Pre-Order Your Lunch By Using Our “Order Online” System & Save Order & Preparation Time

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Baked Breakfast

SMS FSHM Offers A Variety Of Baked Cuisines For Breakfast Which Are Delicious, Healthy & Filling. Our Quick “Filler” Combos Ensure You Do Not Have To Spend Those Precious Minutes In Rush Hour To Decide On What To Eat. Just Choose Any Filler & Come Back For Next Filler Tomorrow!

A Glimpse Of Our Baked Breakfast Menu:

*New Recipes Are Added Every Month To Make Sure You Keep Loving Us

*You Can Pre-Order Your Breakfast Using Our Online Order System & Opting For Pick-Up/Walk-In To Save Ordering & Preparation Time

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Steam Fry Dinner

SMS FSHM Offers A Very Fulfilling Dinner Menu With A Perfect Combination Of Steamed & Fried Combos That Compliment Each Other To Give A Desired Blend Of Health & Taste For That Perfect Memorable Family Time. Our Quick Select-able Fillers Come With A Desired Beverage Hot/Cold To Seal Your Dinner.

A Glimpse Of Our Steam Fry Dinner

*All Food Is Prepared Fresh & Under Hygienic Conditions For Your Family To Share Their Love With You

*You Can Pre-Order Your Dinner Using Our “Order Online” System & Enjoy It With A Selfie At Our “Selfie Wall”

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Tea Coffee & Bites

Yes Its refreshment Time & Whats Better Than Just A Hot Beverage? SMS FSHM’s Tea Coffee & Bites…

Treat Your Evenings With Our Beverages Accompanied By Fresh Bake Cookies Or Pure Healthy Wheat Cup Cakes Or Mouth Watering Flavoured Bun Sticks. You Will Never Want To Drink Your Evening Tea On Empty Stomach Ever Again.

A Glimpse Of Our Tea Coffee & Bites